19art81 Aritist Testimonials

Extra positive engagement; such as interviewing the artists.

Jarad (@jaradsolo)

[Christina] Knows how to make miracles happen! Can orchestrate a beautiful show!

Jaz-On (@jaz.on.zigzagism)

 It was great to be at an event where the people attending were interested in having real conversations about the artwork.

Sam Arnold (@samlynnstudio)

The focus on the Arts. It stayed focused on the artists throughout the entire night!

Raelis Vasquez (@raelis)

Such a passionate organizer, and a team of people to help with media and marketing, well done!

Maria G. (@mariagedroc)

The intimacy, engagement and encouragement of vulnerability.

Dwight (@_dwightwhite)

Exotic, unique, interesting, brave, fun, raw, real, existential and fun!

Lorraine Harrell

Christina has such great energy! She is fun and filled with life, and also able to get so much done. 

Lisa Gordillo

Also having the different elements like the poetry, DJ, and live painting added a new and exciting flare to the show.

Allen S. (Intern)

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Get posted for $1.66 a month!?

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We Donate HARD!

We Donate HARD!

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19art81: Da Work(shops)

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A night of community and creativity.

A night of community and creativity. The Speakeasy Art Exhibition was sold out! This was such a huge accomplishment. 

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