Jessica Sawyers


Jessica's Artist Statement

I paint because I want to create something unique and share it with others. While many of my pieces may not be aiming to make a specific, bold statement, I would like to believe that it creates thought through imagination and child-like sense of happiness and wonder. I like to create abstract designs that force people to decipher the meanings for themselves, and hopefully they feel some positivity radiating through. 

In our current political climate, I know there is a lot of tension, and a lot to be fighting for, but sometimes I think it's nice to have art that is a reminder of the simplicity and happiness we all once felt so freely, and feel hope for the future to come. I’m hopeful that my art can be an escape for others, as it is for me, when I feel overwhelmed by the weight of the world. I want to create art that one can look at and feel cheery, even for a moment, while appreciating it's unique qualities. I hope it can inspire people to appreciate the smaller moments of beauty in their daily lives.

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