35,000 Choices

Hey ya’ll -

I wrote this poem on a whim while in New York. I am notorious for procrastinating. I am not saying I am proud of it. Unfortunately having a fire lit under my ass gets me going. It is so ass backwards. I can’t even stop myself once the process starts. It is like a very slow moving train, but at the last mile I am going 10,000 miles per hour. I get the job done but the build-up is so draining.

At the end of the procrastination I am like “I will not do that again.” Low and beyond I am doing that again! At this point it is a habit and instead of fighting my nature. I am just going to flow with it. It is working with me even though it is very time consuming and really just moves my resources towards “chilling”. If there ever comes a time when I can get my shit together I fucking will.

This poem “35,000 Choices” really just highlights how we can stop and reflect on what we can control. We can control so much of our lives. If we just stop and look at what WE CAN CHANGE. Everything wouldn’t seem so fucked. Everything could start looking normal. Break your routine when it comes to thinking. It is so much harder than you can imagine. I will dive more into the poem tomorrow.

Your homework for the day. Think of 3 things you want to change about yourself.

You got this!

PS - This performance is on Youtube. See below. 



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