All that Zens is Gold.

Where is my place of zen? When I arrive at my zenny place I am absolutely at ease. This feeling is very elusive but it can be found at many places. One place in particular I will mention this go around: Michael’s. Yes! The craft store. They legit have a lot of things to keep the good old noggin busy. I am a fan of fake plants. I am a fan of fountains. I am a fan of frames. A lady likes her some damn crafts ya’ll. So where is your place of zen? Where do you mellow out your noggin?

If you don’t have a place. Get one. That will save you so much stress. Just having a little hideaway in this world can shield you from so much. This little nest of comfort is just that, comfort. So get to stepping and find your place in the world. You deserve to have peace of mind.



Check out my vid and get zenny with me.


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