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So you are an artist? Did you wake up one morning and decide that this was going to be your life? Did the "art life" choose you? I don't know how it works exactly, but I have been "arting" since 3 years old. I remember the first time I colored in a book. My parents were not happy about this new found talent mind you. Especially since I was ruining books with my mock impressions of Impressionism. So I guess that's when it happened, "art life" chose me when I was a toddler. For a long time I didn't really do anything about my "talent". I wanted to fit in at the time and really honing in on my craft was not at the forefront of my middle school mind.

So now we fast forward to 2018. I am back in art in a big way. I am like seriously having meetings and collaborating with other artists. I am throwing art exhibitions and traveling for art! What?! It is so natural for me it scares me. I get so worked up when I think about creativity. I am an Introvert and this burst of energy makes me feel fraudulent as hell. Am I this person? I think I am. I spring into action when ideas are presented. I feel energized. This has got to be me. I think this constantly when someone reaches out to me (it can certainly wear on you). In this field you have to be confident. So this brings me to there are so many people out there like you "arting". They are nervous and don’t know what to do. HOW DO YOU STAND OUT? What are you doing to kick ass in the game?

Presentation is so important and so many artists are haphazard when it comes to marketing themselves. I have a degree in Marketing, so everything I do has a built in system of competition and results. Alas, what if a fellow creator doesn't have that skill or the time? That lack can certainly start curbing your work and allow it to start collecting dust.

I feel there this definitely an opportunity to grow and develop others when it comes to “paperwork”. I am definitely thinking of how we can get more artists up to snuff when it comes to the technical side of marketing. So are you an artist that needs a pep talk?

For the next couple of days I will be typing away on this blog about that specifically: BORING AS PAPERWORK. My goal is to share what I think an artist should do to present themselves when it comes to “paperwork”. Topics include: Artist CV, statement and press kit.

See you soon.

PS - I got very bored and created a mock magazine cover. #introvertproblems

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