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What type of future are you building for yourself as an artist? Are you proactive in your journey or are you flying by the seat of your pants? I guess either can work. In this little blurb we are going to talk about being hella proactive. That means grinding the pavement and making a way for yourself. 

This time last year I had shown in a few shows, but I wanted more. The only way I could get the experience I needed was by making a way. I didn't do it sloppy either. Everything was planned out and I even over planned. I love doomsday scenarios. Lucky nothing bad happened and everything pretty much went off without a hitch. So congrats to dooms day thinking (wink). This is my edge, btw. To go past the limits and turn that "bravery" into recognition from others. It helps to make me stand out. Even as an Introvert, my showboat spirit shines through. What's your secret power? 

Back on topic! Preparing your strategy of engagement is as important as your craft. You have to be ready. There is tons of competition and you can get lost in the fray. Sure dope social media  is great. What's that portfolio looking like though? What is your in person presentation style? I think about all this stuff. I know artists are busying varnishing, but there is so much more to this field. 

Take a moment and think about how are you different from the next person? Think about it a step further even if you aren't the better artist, your personality, charisma and overall appeal can get you what you want.  

See ya tomorrow. 

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