Architect of Self- Exploitation

We are all somehow complacent in our own destruction I many ways. This behavior is a general disservice to our most precious resource. What is this precious resource you may ask? Well it is, you! Without protecting your core self, you are allowing yourself to be siphoned by people and things that don't deserve your energy.

This brings me to energy vampires they are completely real and come in many forms. They can even appear as a best friend, family member, or significant other. Vampires, are primarily interested in how things will benefit them 100% of the time. They are without remorse and empathy.

No one wants to feel used especially by someone you “trust”, but shit happens. The silver lining is when you realize that the person you once adorned, is absolute trash. This means you have come to the realization you deserve more than scraps. Pick up the pieces of that scattered image and get to moving towards a relationship that allows for the restoration of self.

You got this, it is time to rebuild.

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