Challenging your energy.

Have you ever felt that you were missing out on something in your life, but you weren't sure what exactly? Let's say you have a million ideas, and nothing is happening. Perhaps you are at a standstill and nothing seems to be working. What is happening to you? I honestly don't know, because it happens to me all the time. So instead of crumbling a 100% of the time, I take the time to think about what is my "core focus". My authentic self is all about creativity and communication.

When I came into the creative scene I was "allowed" to be myself. Get ready for a lil tangent: I get overwhelmed with joy when I meet fellow artists, or someone requests to have coffee me. These coffee meetings mean the world to me, because someone took the time out of their life and wanted to chill with me. I am all about connect and synergy.

That energy that had me frozen in place (before), suddenly comes alive! Sure I look cool calm and collected (but I am doing jumping jacks mentally). Simply because I am moving in the direction I am supposed to be moving in.

Find your lane. We all have one. Sure it is scary to step out of your comfort zone. Alas, it is so needed so you can development into your true self.

Challenge your energy.



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