I am an artist, writer, introvert, and independent curator. Through the past year I have invested much of my energy in developing a community comprised of other fellow introvert artists. I actively host gatherings through the Facebook group “Chicago Introvert Artist”, with the membership now soaring past 250 members. Being able to meet others who have been where you have been, and currently are is really inspiring.

This tribe of other introverted creatives has helped to solidify my voice. Having others see me as a mentor is humbling, exciting, and allows me to see myself in a different light. I am learning so much about myself and others journeys. My creative practice revolves from stepping out of my comfort zone.

Through this exploration I have seen myself come into my own. This revision of my behavior has allowed me to facilitate and create opportunities for others from art exhibitions to publication.

It is a cool process and want to expand this to others. Let's connect.

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