Dayum, Xtina.

When cool shit happens you have to share it! Most of what I think is kept under lock and key. That's okay, mainly because most of my thoughts are half-baked. They are totally still plausible even in this supple hot mess state. Aside from me putting out half edible thoughts...let us dive into manifestation. Oh yes, sugar plum it is a thing. I won't even go into the metaphysics of it. Simply because I don't want miss anything. I can talk about how I feel about it and what I have been doing. Yas.

June 2018, something amazing is happening. I will be helping to curate an art exhibition in NYC. First of all, wow! I had no inkling that this would ever happen in my life. I showed work in NYC last year, and now I am just going to be fucking spoiled showing there this 2nd time around. I haven't decided if I would show any work here at the Genre Urban Arts Launch or even perform. I get so nervous! The Bowery Poetry Club is having an open mic night the following day. So that's where I am at right now! Do I want to present to humans on a stage?

I performed as a kid and I like attention. I like stages. Yes, I am an Introvert but I get all hype. Last year I was internet-ting (a word now), and came across Bowery Poetry. I kept thinking how can I present here? I didn't want to just fly in and then leave.

Well now a perfect storm has brewed (I am not talking about iced coffee). I am staring at what I want to do, right in the face. I can literally go on the stage. I will be directing artists on June 24th.

I will helping to put on a show in the city that never sleeps. I am flabbergasted and beside myself with joy. I think I even depressed myself purposely just so I can focus on what I have to do. I am reigning in my little ponies.

I want to do everything and opportunities are popping like Orville Redenbacher. I just gotta stay cool. Real cool! Holy shit it’s all happening so fast though!

My 1st show was June 24, 2017 and on this year anniversary (June 24, 2018) I am in NYC at the Bowery Poetry Club with Genre Urban Arts.

So dope!

Get your tickets NYCers.

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