Fear-based Growth (Exposed)


One of my greatest fears is being alone with my thoughts. They want to lead me somewhere I am not ready to venture to. They want to show me things I have never seen, or have ever thought. Being alone leaves me vulnerable too so many opportunities that it feels overwhelming. Have you ever felt that way? I have felt that way for years. I don't know if this is the platform to share my ills, but I certainly wanted to reach out to others. I wanted to reach out to like minded people. We are stuck in our little microcosmic bubbles. We are all wearing veneers that are slick as fuck and facades that are as fragile as porcelain. At the slightest inconvenience we bail. At the slightest threat we propel ourselves into hollowed worlds of protection.

A couple months ago I decided to creep out into the outer fringes of my psyche. Holy shit! So much came flying at me. I thought at many points honestly I wanted to die. It was so miserably painful. Now months removed from the initial blow to my ego I stand still baffled and my newest incarnation.

The writer and artist.


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