Get into the Groove.

Oh, hi!

Are you on the right path? For a long time I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I honestly wanted to do everything, but that way of thinking can be really frustrating. There isn't enough time or energy for me to succumb to every wish I have for myself. There is this finite spectrum of "can do and will do", at our finger tips (saving that for another day).

Anywho, it seemed when everything around me fell a part is when I was coaxed into choosing a path. Luckily my path is creativity. For many years though this path was covered and I couldn't get myself into alignment with my calling. Thankfully once all distraction was moved I was able to see my road back to me. Is the road a straight line? No. Is the road all over the place? Yes, and only because challenges will spring up. Yet, all that I have been through sets me up to overcome those delicious obstacles. I am not afraid of failing. I am afraid of just being stagnant.

I know that through creating and working with creatives my fulfillment meter will read off the charts. Basically sometimes when you have nothing left, if when everything goes right.




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