Get posted for $1.66 a month!?


I am looking for a few amazing artists to commit to a year of hosting with 19art81. It will only be $20 for 12 months of service (obvi this is an introductory cost). This hosting will also include: social media, heads up about local art exhibition opportunities and one- on-one's (yas coffee). What I am noticing about a lot of Chicago artists is a feeling of isolation and not feeling connected. The only way to circumvent this phenom is to connect with a community. Not only does it infuse your self esteem, but allows you to express your thoughts and feelings with other like minded people. There are currently over 250 Chicago artists, in my network! 

It is such an awesome feeling to connect with others. BREAKDOWN: Once you send over your information, an invoice will be generated. From there send over the material you would like posted on 19art81. This is a development program with so many benefits, and at $1.66 a month (come on). I will also send over a form getting a better idea of how you see yourself as an artist and your goals. 

Lastly, you will also get in the loop with 19art81 art exhibitions. I can't wait to view the submissions. Apply now.

Sidenote: Your work will be posted here.

See you soon!

Hurry and send over your information: 

1. Submit your work via photos.

2. Artist Statement.

3. Send everything to 



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