Happy, Sunday.

This is a bonus blog! I am in NYC on an art assignment. I never ever thought this would be happening to me. I never ever thought I would be in NYC working on art. Well I am here. I am here because I manifested this shit. For reals, I thought of this last year and bam. Yes, there were lots of steps that led me here. Aside, from those steps which included a devastating heart break I crawled my way here.

When I start my Youtube channel I will talk more about that! I just want people to know that, yes change is scary. Change can even be downright disappointing. What’s keeping me going is the fact that I don’t want to say when I am older, “I wish I did this or that.” That would be super sad. Most of the things I want to do involve performance so I better get to work. I am naturally an introvert so my desires to perform are so freaking weird. Alas, it is happening. It is what I want. It is where I am. I am preparing to perform at Bowery Poetry Club this afternoon.

Sorry not sorry, but what the amazing fuck! Dream big.

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