How to be a next level, artist.

Raise your standards! Raise your results. Okay I love talking about mental health, and only because it is so fucking important. We kind of get lost in the whole “gotta be tough” mentality. That mind frame literally can break you down to a puddle of flesh. Let’s get over that hump and empower ourselves. If you are in an up-swing of positivity clamp down on this momentum.

Create a mess of material that will help drive you to where you need to be. Honestly that’s what I am doing right this very moment. Woot. Woot. Every day you should be challenging yourself to be brave. You should be challenging yourself to create beauty. You should be engaging with that energy within you. It is so potent and loving. It literally wants to cradle you. That’s so sweet.

You can be amazingly good to yourself! If you let up on yourself. So take this time to doodle. Take some time to bring what’s in your mind eye’s to life.

Don’t stop. Get it. Get it.

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