Hey All!

What inspires you? How do you navigate through the roads of distraction whether self imposed or externally gleaned. Sometimes trying to stay on track seems like the hardest task at hand. I remember the 90s. I am totally aging myself, we didn't have all these distractions. Wait?! Ok, we had different distractions. Those were more externally focused. You could hang out with friends and play videos games. 

Well now you can totally do the same thing, except on a phone (ha). OMG, was that even helpful?! What I am trying to say is I am inspired by everything around me. By knowing what was (1990s), I can see what is now. Now we have so much at our fingertips. I wouldn't be able to do what I am doing now without the internet (ha). 

I kept my introverted self locked up in the house for years creeping on artists. Hoping that one day I could work with them. Hoping one day I would be seen as leader in the artistic realm. I have a long way too go and that's great. It is also so daunting. It takes so much drive to power through. There isn't any instant gratification and I should be happy about that. Only because that means I can't give up. I can't invest solely in procrastinating to "greatness". You have to apply yourself. So thank you artists. Thank you for being so amazing. You have inspired me. Keep on keeping on!



Artwork by: Rachel L



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