Artwork by: Guru Gulu 

Curator Notes

I am an introvert by nature. My first waves of expression were through art when I was a child. I was able to be free on whatever surface I designated as an optimal canvas. I love all forms of creativity. For the longest time I felt writing would be my initiation into the arts since that's where I first gained recognition.

Visual arts however captured my soul. The experience of interacting with art is visceral. This show the "Vizionz Projekt", is very much centered within my being. The artists chosen serve as a reflection of the creative process I have instilled within me. They are bold, conservative, adventurous, innovative, timid and most importantly create from the heart.

I want to continually capture peoples attention with the work I scope out. I want to continually build relationships around the globe. This art exhibit is my Vizion.

Open until September 13th. Join us for the artist reception at 5524 N Broadway.

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