Speakeasy Poetry and Storytime Art Exhibition - Recap

Sometimes it is hard to believe in yourself. For years you heard that you couldn't do it! For years you heard you aren't brave enough! What if you are brave enough? What if you can do it? What is separating you from your calling? I think what is separating many of us is other people's interference. That interference causes you to block yourself. I have known lots of people who have discredited what I can do, without even actually knowing anything about me.

They would clutch their invisible pearls when they heard about my ideas. I clutched them, too! Because I felt I was being pretty brave stepping out of my comfort zone. Low and behold, that was the best thing for me. The only thing the negative people could do was watch. All they could do is ponder, "How?" I always believe in myself, even when I have no idea what I am doing.

I was built to make things happen. I was built to move energy in a positive way. I want to help others and this fuels me. That's what makes me happy honestly. I have found my safety and renewal in art. I feel powerful and peaceful. It is my steadfast and I am forever grateful. As I see the people I have worked with create more and more beautiful works, they inspire me.

2019, is going to be epic. I am not just saying it. I am claiming it.

Thank you!

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