That’s so Jung to Me

Two of the rarest personality types walk into an Internet cafe and an irony was hatched, they already met on the online and now it was time to test their level of introvert-ness.

Hi, my name’s Sam and I’m an INTJ, which means good luck trying to deduce me, world. That is the ultimate game to me, figuring things out. I’m the one you invite to a party to walk around and tell the hosts what’s wrong or explain to a business where they need to move their checkout counter; we know we’re right and experience lots of schadenfreuden when you don’t listen to our brilliance.

Christina and I are part of a closed group of introverted artists that she moderates and encourages our private process. I write, photograph and art for a living. However, Christina, is an INTP, gregarious online, yet slow to react in person...she’s the bit of Fry to my Laurie.

A casual observer between the shared conversation I had with Christina and a mutual acquaintance would look like I was the one dominating the conversation, although we, Christina and I, know that there’s a game being played and we are both enjoying it.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality type quiz that allows Jungian psychologists, and more frequently those communicating online, to identify their personality in an abstract way of where we function best.

This personality typing can also be a huge indicator of relationship compatibility, not just in the workplace, but also in real life. However, that’s only one opinion and some would say in not the direction that modern psychology is going.

A brilliant PSYD. that I know famously told me how they don’t understand the obsession behind it. I believe it is because psychology has shifted from social interactions Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) into personal dependency, relying more heavily on Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

Don’t get me wrong, DBT has a place in the modern world and I use skills from it everyday to deal with PTSD however, I grew up in the same time as Christina, the 1980’s and 90’s and we were heavily influenced by Jungian psychology, those that read Dr. Carl Jung’s work and then produced children’s shows and advertising at that time, we now look back and say, "Wow, what were we watching?"

***This is about the time that Christina would pop in and say her own piece and then I would then continue the conversation***

Christina, a proud INTP, I like to call them the processors. They are scanning in every detail, absorbing every fact like a sponge, and digesting every moment and movement you make. They are the praying mantises of the Myers-Briggs world. Statistically speaking, they only make up about 3% of the entire population. If you watched her playing chess, she would never give up her next move, this type has the ultimate poker face.

Then there’s me, INTJ, at the top of the Jungian mountain, we are the rarest introverts in the world. It’s argued that potentially less than 2% of the population has my personality type. We are the ones that thrive in chaos, but are not necessarily chaotic. When we appreciate things in the moment, we can call every play before it happens and when presented with a case, can hunt all the clues backwards, narrating them along the way, and then before you even realized where all the logic was trailing, I pick up my bishop and with a grin and declare, checkmate.

...and making us both women is statistically ultra rare. 

So when Christina and I communicate, it’s a mutual symbiosis. We are both observing the same plot and providing different reactions and observations over time. It’s not uncommon for when our two personality types meet that the conversations to others seem like they are on a different plane and sometimes it’s because they are.

If you’re curious what you’re Myers-Briggs type is, check out this website:

I think this site does the best job of an introductory course into what you could be, however my advise is to take the test when you are relaxed and alone. Keep your reactions truthful and honest. Remember, there are no wrong answers, this is only an exam on how you interact with the world.

If you’re still curious what it’s like for the two rarest introverts to share some caffeine, this video clip from the BBC show Sherlock does a phenomenal job of quickly showing what it’s like to watch us in action, at full speed. Sherlock Holmes is an INTP and Mycroft (the older brother) is an INTJ, enjoy.




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