The Beauty of Exposure


I know this isn’t the typical blog material most people digest. I don’t want to be that typical blog. There will be nuances. This week especially is very blog worthy. This is like my diary. So get into it boo thang.

Sharing who are with the world is crazy beautiful. Coming from behind your computer screen and technology is pretty brave in this day and age. There are a lot of keyboard warriors and people who curate a perfect life on social media. I don’t know how society became so obsessed with perfection. I get it! I just don’t understand it. I think at one time I even tried it. I am just too messy to even attempt it. I mess up. I post imperfectly angled pics. I stumble in my IG stories. I don’t care. That’s who I am. I am not afraid to be a total dork. I like it. I like laughing at myself. It literally makes me feel less stressed.

At my job we talk about making mistakes and it is ok. My employer is 60 and he made me feel at ease with not being perfect. It took so much weight off my shoulders. I had permission to be human. It makes me a better employee. Then when that crosses over in art curation; oh lawd there are hiccups. There is lots of waiting. There is lots of communication. I have to be comfortable with the unknown way too much. It is making me stronger. Just going with the flow when I know I have done my part frees up the thoughts of impending doom.

Did any of that make sense? The blog is about exposing your imperfection. That is a beautiful quality and ironically something people like about me. I had no idea, but I hear about it often. I thank them for their feedback. I actually want to learn more about embracing my imperfections more. I can only hope “me being me”, shows others it is okay to be you. Afterall everyone else is already taken. Have you embraced being you?





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