The Introvert Strikes, Back.

People love wearing masks. People love to appear to be one way and in reality are another way. I don’t want those type of people around me. Those types of people seriously can have you thinking terrible things about yourself.  The worst type of person to have in your life is a manipulative one. The funny thing is, these shitty humans think they can get one over on you.

You come to table with who you are and what you represent. This person comes to the table with a “representative” of who they want you to think they are. Just come to the table already shitty and let me decide if I want you in my life. No need in pretending. You know these scam artists lure you in and then switch it up on you. I don’t have time for that. Plus I have already Googled and background checked you, so now all I am hearing is “stories”. Can you not? I suppose I am being complicit in the bullshit, because I cannot believe people are like this.

Be vigilant with the people you allow around you. Once you find out what they are about, because you had to “see it to believe it”. I am one of those! Just move along little introvert. That’s a hot-mess coldblooded human and ain’t nobody got time for that.




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