The Negative Effect.

Do you know people who will tell you, you can’t do “xyz” because that’s not how it is done? Who are these people? Why are they so obsessed with your fucking awesomeness? Why are they so perched to destroy your dream? Some may vouch that they don’t want you to get hurt. That’s cool. That’s even sweet. Alas, some people are literally built to go against the grain. Some people are made to think outside the box. I am purely talking about art. I should have prefaced that, haha.

Creativity can’t be capped. It needs room to breathe. It needs room to flutter its gorgeous and sexy wings. You can’t expect the next wave of creativity to be developed under strict conditions. Okay, maybe a really stripped version of art could be developed from that experience. Yet, I digress. Whatever creative dream you have, please get out there and share it with the world.

I like working with other artists. I love hearing their voice. I love aiding them in developing their skill-set. If anything I just sit and listen and pull out information that is viable to their success. Sometimes we are so fixated on what we can’t do! Even I am locked into that way of thinking. I try to pull myself out of that hole of despair on the regular. Sometimes you just sit there waiting. Waiting for anything to come along and snap you back into YOU. You don’t have to have all the answers now.

But are you ready to ask the question. What can I do…you do you boo. Do you.

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