Why did I start this...

Way back in May (lol). I decided to reengage my creative side. It had been sleeping for years. I thought it was absolutely lost. GPS sure as fuck couldn't find it! Well fear not. It (creativity), was waiting below the waters like a primed assassin. Now I have exploded with thoughts. Even though it is scary and it (creativity) has cost me some support, I had to keep going.

Side note: Losing support from loved ones is absolutely soul crushing. Especially if you are legit saying ,"Please, don't crush my dreams!" Never ask for people to not crush your dreams. Like come on bro (feelings matter.) Naturally you become angry with them, because it is like what gives. Please. Please. Don't internalize the anger it will gnaw at you like a rabbit parasite. Instead flip it and reverse it, into something stunning. Go take a fucking picture or paint some shit (not literal) shit.

*Make something out of that ugliness.*

I know it is easier said then done. I know you will have your doubts. I know some days will be better than others. You got this home slice. You are motherfucking dynamite and success it is going to blow up all over dat ass.Okay, that's enough swearing but I am very fired up about people living their dreams.

Side note 2: Whenever I go to concerts, I always get misty eyed because that person is on stage killing the shit (oops), out of their passion. Now I am finally taking my life in my hands. The ball is in my court. It is a beautiful feeling. I cannot wait to share it with you and the world at large.

 Yas, kween. 💯

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