Working in Progress

Hey ya'll - 

I really enjoyed working with other artists for the Speakeasy. I had been out of the loop for the longest time and it's great to get back into the game. I am certainly taking baby steps and that's fine. I can not do everything in one day let alone one life time. So with that being said...I have to strut minute by minute.

I have to trust that I have good intentions, if not great intentions for myself. As I work on trusting myself, it gives me the strength to trust others. I know that's such a strange concept. Trusting yourself in order to trust others?! I am not going to say step out on faith. I will however say, "you are great and you got this." So I attached a download to this blog. Learn more about the artists I have worked with so far. Yas.

That was the strangest transition.




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