You are Art.

Hey You!

As “older children” we’ve been bamboozled into growing up. Why can’t we grow in? Why can’t we connect with the free thinking vibes of yesteryear? Why are we always clutching our invisible pearls? We are pent up. We are pent down, into thinking like an “adult”…well for one- night (or possibly more) let’s turn down our vision of adult hood and turn up the proverbial fun shall we. What was your VIZION of your future? Was it this?

Artists are able to transfix this reality and beautify it into something palatable. They are able to slap a varnish on this canvas of life. This is the premise of the “Vizionz Projekt”. To suspend grown-upness for a few hours (while drinking responsibly). We will be chalking up the sidewalk, you will get your polaroid taken (but don’t shake it), you’ll write your Vizion down on the snapshot. We will post it and wham now you are art. You are internal in that moment. In that split second your Vizion is a reality. You are art.

Are you ready to get on the Vizion wall? This is an art exhibition experience (with alcohol). We’ll also have LaCroix. See you soon.



Last week to snag $7 tickets. Join the experience. 

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