Bryam B.

Bryam's Artist Statement

I was born April the 15th 1982 in the Dominican Republic, raised in a small town in the northern part of the island. My mother was an artist and, although I did not grow with her, art was always boiling in my genes. Since I was 3 years old I was doing little drawings and sculpting figures of my favorite’s super heroes.

Da Vinci once said: “Every artist paints himself”, and after all the struggle, failed attempts, lack of opportunities, and chaos in my past, I use this as a guideline to create my art– I mean, when I look at my surroundings and observe so many complexities that exist in nature and its components, and all the chaos that exist in the universe, the same chaos exists on the canvas when I do my first brushstroke. What starts as that chaos on canvas, slowly comes to order in the form of art. Sometimes I use a brush, sometimes my hands and finger tips, or just a stick to splatter paint on the canvas, anything that gives me a chaotic feeling that enables me to try to bring order to it: like a puzzle, like looking at the clouds and bathroom titles to find an image, allowing the subconscious mind to be free and allowing me to see what normally I won’t and then share it with everybody else in a form of Art.

“Nature is so amazing and complex. Art is a reflection of the inner self. The inner self is our direct connection with the nature we are part of. Nature is an artist. I want to paint like nature.”



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