Kate T.

Kate's Artist Statement

I like that the artist is at the same time part of the world around her and also a mirror of that world. I like to admire the beautiful world around me. I like that by putting emotions and experiences through the mind I can create works of art.

What do I want to say with my art?

I want to talk about the connection of all life on earth. I want to tell you that humankind is an integral part of the universe, like all living things that surround it. I want in my art to celebrate the beauty of the universe in all of its manifestations. I like that everything in this world fulfills its mission - birds sing, grass grows, trees give fruit, the artist creates works of art.

Wood - is life, flowers - is creativity. Art - the flowers’ heart

So an artist like a tree that can grow. So, an artist can grow flowers. Flowers of an artist – it is an art.