Rachel L.

Rachel's Artist Statement


Rachel Lechocki is a multi-media artist, teacher, certified yoga instructor for all ages and writer from and currently residing in, Chicago. Having been accepted into a painting program for high school seniors at University of Illinois at Chicago, Rachel began a love affair with collage, paint texture manipulation and repurposing objects and scraps at age 17. She went on to attend Columbia College Chicago, starting in Fine Art, graduating with honors in Art History, specializing in Non-Western and Modern/Contemporary Art, with a minor in Cultural Studies, where she now teaches Visual Arts classes for kids. She is the first one Columbia has had for this program too! Rachel was also part of multiple curation teams during her time at Columbia College and after. She has also been regularly exhibiting and selling her art around Chicago since 2008. This beautiful blend of immersing herself in an extensive and all-inclusive study of arts and humanities, laid the firm foundation for a powerfully knowledgeable teacher,  collaborator and inspiration, of which she has become.




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