Meet Christina

Christina M. Watkins is an aspiring artist and overall creative. She has been involved in the arts since a young age, but gained her first taste of recognition at 10 years old. While living overseas with her family in Berlin. Christina was immersed in a “Gifted” writing program versus having a traditional school experience. She thrived in the immersion until the family was relocated back to the States.

While living in Michigan, she attended broadcasting school. This indirectly prompted her move to Chicago. Christina enrolled at Columbia College Chicago and took naturally to marketing and received her BA in Communications in 2009. For years she wandered through the torturous job market. Unsure of where to land she meandered desperately trying to find her footing.

Fast forward to 2017, everything was seeming to be a blur until Christina took the advice of a trusted friend. She began to enroll in art shows on a whim and was accepted. Christina started 19art81, in August to further her artistic endeavors. Ultimately knowing it would be a vehicle to help other artists. By September 2017, she had participated in multiple art shows and has had her work shown at Ground Floor Gallery in NYC. Over that summer she became a monthly contributor to Genre Urban Arts based in Milwaukee. 

Her poetry has been published Nationally and Internationally. FU Review a Berlin publication graciously printed one of her treasured works Fall 2017. Towards the end of 2017 Christina decided it was time to step further from behind her introversion. She launched her 1st “Speakeasy/Poetry and Storytime” event in March. Over 100 attendees came through the doors, helping to raise $700 for Autism Speaks. Christina has joined their committee, and is helping with their future events while giving back to the community. 

The Speakeasy event encompassed visual arts and spoken word talent from Chicago. The show is a stepping stone to the future events set to follow. She also hosts monthly Meetups for fellow “Chicago Introvert Artist”, with membership reaching past 200 members.  Christina lives on the Northside of Chicago with her two biggest inspirations her Chihuahuas, Fidel and Terrance.